GE Healthcare

it consulting firm startup

When I joined the GE CT department, the R&D team released a new version every 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks between the versions, the QA team could test manually only around 10% of the cases when they picked some random images and compared 2 versions visually side by side. The main purpose was to […]


it consulting firm startup

Ekkli was a small startup where I was one of the Founders. We built a collaboration tool for decision making.  Lets say, you want to buy a car and you need to choose between 3 or 5 models. But in order to make the right decision, you want to consult with 1 or 2 million […]

Accept Software

it consulting startups

The main product of the company was a framework for tracking any production lifecycle. When I joined the company, the QA team was very busy and the idea was to automate the most time consuming test routines. The product had different types of databases and multiple SDKs in different languages. So the most time consuming […]


it consulting startups

PeerTV developed set-top boxes for home internet TV. The company supplied both the boxes themselves and all the relevant firmware and software. I joined the company to develop the content management system. We were a team of 2 people and we built it using the Django (Python) framework. The system had multiple parts: We worked […]


tech startup consulting

Healarium was a startup company that developed a product that helped US company employees to improve their health. It’s all started following Obama’s Health Care Reforms and worked like that: Big US companies did some health insurance for their employees. The companies also took care of giving the employees individual programs for stopping smoking, losing […]



The company developed different kinds of solutions for video and audio communications.  I joined a CTO who wanted to build a cloud solution for controlling incoming calls inside some institute or organization. For example, it could be a call center which defines its own rules for the incoming calls or a bank who wants to […]


information technology management consulting

I joined a very talented founder at Wizer when she was at the very beginning of the  way. The idea was to build a tool for Montessori schools where a teacher can track children’s progress effectively. The tool should be motivating enough for the kids so they would want to take it home and continue […]


professional consulting services

Cyren is a web security company which developed a wide range of solutions. I joined the web team which developed a flagship product of the company. The team included 2 frontend developers in Israel and 5 backend developers in Germany. They used Pyramid (Python) framework on the backend and vanilla Javascript on the frontend. The […]


professional it services & technology consulting

Cronus was a small and young security startup. It developed a system for creating networking maps and possible cyber attack flows. I helped the company in various ways:


business technology consulting services

The company had various products in the area of Hotels financial data management. The development team lead contacted me since they need help with some internal python and Django projects.  I helped them to choose the right architecture, to order the code in a manner that will be easy to maintain in the future and […]

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