PeerTV developed set-top boxes for home internet TV. The company supplied both the boxes themselves and all the relevant firmware and software.

I joined the company to develop the content management system. We were a team of 2 people and we built it using the Django (Python) framework.

The system had multiple parts:

  • An area for the actual content editing
  • An area for the set-top box user menu editing
  • Support area where the customers could track all the set-top boxes in their pool as well as their status in case a repair was needed

We worked with many big TV content providers from different countries. And it was super interesting, since we customized both the software and the hardware with the customer’s theme. Many times, customers were coming to our offices and I was working with them directly to adjust our management system to their specific needs. 

Later on, when the system was solid enough, I taught a few junior guys Python and Django almost from scratch, so they will be able to maintain the system after my leave.

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