Cyren is a web security company which developed a wide range of solutions. I joined the web team which developed a flagship product of the company.

The team included 2 frontend developers in Israel and 5 backend developers in Germany. They used Pyramid (Python) framework on the backend and vanilla Javascript on the frontend. The product included some complicated functionality which included GDPR restrictions, multiple cloud regions and environments as well as long syncs of large Active Directories.

The management wasn’t satisfied with the product for multiple reasons and that’s why they hired me. I proposed to switch to Django (Python) on the backend and Marionette on the frontend and gradually rewrite the product.

After getting the “green light”, we started rewriting the product from scratch by keeping the existing functionality. After just a few months of work we replaced the old system with the new one without letting the customers know, since all the functionality and the screens remained the same.

At the end, we were 7 full stack developers in Israel and continued developing new features in a much shorter time frames.

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