Accept Software

The main product of the company was a framework for tracking any production lifecycle. When I joined the company, the QA team was very busy and the idea was to automate the most time consuming test routines.

The product had different types of databases and multiple SDKs in different languages. So the most time consuming testing was about verifying that every SDK works correctly with every type of database.

So I built a web tool for automating the process using Django (Python). The tool was able to get some code in different programming languages as input, convert it to some metacode and run it. After that the tool checked that the invoked APIs in the code gave the right result in the database.

That way, using the tool, QA could run a matrix (of any SDKs and databases) of tests automatically. It saved a lot of time for the QA team, they could do more tests coverage and overall quality of the product increased.

Later on, when I left the company I also gave consultancy to the new team on how to use and maintain the automation tool I built.

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