technology advisory consultant

I joined Sunbit to develop their first version of the mobile app for splitting payments. It was a mobile first (mainly tablet) Typescript/React/Storybook app that was built from scratch.  During just a few months, we (a team of 2) had a full version of the app that included various pages, wizards and flows. The team […]


technology advisory consultant

I joined the company when it was a very young startup. Matific made math games for children in kindergartens and schools. The development team was divided into 2 – the ones who worked on the actual games and the ones who were working on the company website and all the other things around. I came […]


information technology consulting firms

Autodesk developed multiple products in different areas. One of the main products of the company was BIM360. It was a sophisticated construction management platform which helped with data collaboration between all the people involved in construction projects. I joined a team of 4 backend developers who were working in the Submittals management area of the […]



I was one of the company founders and contributed in a role of VP R&D / Devops / IT and HR.The company developed a radar based sensor for in-cabin monitoring of passenger’s vital signs. The company worked with the largest automotive Tier 1 companies and developed 3 main products: VitalCaare – Monitoring passenger’s Respiration Rate, […]


information technology consulting services

Reblaze is a company developing a wide range of cloud security solutions. I joined a team of fullstackers that were developing a reverse proxy for the private cloud networks. The team leader just left the company and the next major version release was just behind the corner. At the beginning I started contributing to the […]

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