I joined a very talented founder at Wizer when she was at the very beginning of the  way. The idea was to build a tool for Montessori schools where a teacher can track children’s progress effectively. The tool should be motivating enough for the kids so they would want to take it home and continue studying even after the school hours. As well, the tool should connect between the education content writers, publishers and the teachers.

Along the way we went to multiple investors and accelerators, did a lot of pivots and developed multiple variations of the product. I built one of them using Meteor (Javascript). It allowed the teacher to build worksheets from education material found in different sources. Afterwards, the tool presented a one page view of the class progress to the teacher. He/She could track each children’s progress in real time and help the kids who were stuck on some exercises longer than needed. 

Since I was the only technical person in the company, it was a lot of work which was super interesting because every new pivot required new architecture and new developer tools and frameworks to be adopted in a short period of time.

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