Cronus was a small and young security startup. It developed a system for creating networking maps and possible cyber attack flows. I helped the company in various ways:

  • I brought the Agile methodology into the company which included defining people responsibilities, leading Agile meetings, planning work scopes, etc…
  • When I joined the company there was a misalignment between the product capabilities and the spec which the sales team tried to sell. It led to multiple problematic POCs and that was one of the gaps I helped to fix.
  • I helped the support team to align with R&D and QA teams. We created multiple tiers of support as well as strict rules when the support team should reach out for R&D or QA help. We also started keeping track of the customers’ issues on the weekly basis so we can escalate the issues more effectively.
  • I helped build the right product architecture which would save customers money and be more scalable. It included a very dynamic docker cluster with an inner hierarchy that helped separate different product deployment types.
  • Product deployments were on premise so I helped integrate various monitoring tools to be sure we occupy all the possible resources on customers hardware.
  • I also brought a remote team of automation developers that helped the QA team with testing automation and freed a lot of time for them.
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