Healarium was a startup company that developed a product that helped US company employees to improve their health.

It’s all started following Obama’s Health Care Reforms and worked like that:

Big US companies did some health insurance for their employees. The companies also took care of giving the employees individual programs for stopping smoking, losing weight, etc…. Then, the employees were competing and chatting with each other in order to reach their health improvement goals. And once they reached  these goals, they got some prices from the company, like gift cards, for example. The employer on the other hand could reduce his health insurance payments for these employees so everyone was on the winning side.

The platform was divided into 3 main parts:

  • The part which was tracking the individual programs of each employee
  • The part which was responsible for collaboration and gamified interaction between the employees (usually in the same program)
  • The part which gave the insurance physician an overview of the person’s progress and an option to help him/her along the way.

I joined the R&D team in the company and helped them to develop new features and solve the most sophisticated problems. As well, I helped integrate Agile procedures inside the team.

We used Django (Python) on the backend side and Backbone (Javascript) on the frontend side.

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