Reblaze is a company developing a wide range of cloud security solutions. I joined a team of fullstackers that were developing a reverse proxy for the private cloud networks. The team leader just left the company and the next major version release was just behind the corner.

At the beginning I started contributing to the project in the most complicated areas. Along the way, we made some code conventions, did refactoring in multiple areas, changed some architecture decisions and made the frontend part to be more organized.

After a few weeks, I started leading the team. I led the Agile meetings, prioritized the tasks and made sure we are on track with the upcoming milestones.

During my last month, I transferred the team leader title to one of the team members, gave him the relevant management tools and explained to him my ways of thinking in multiple areas. At the end, I made sure that the team and the project are in good hands before moving on to my next thing…

Technological stack:
Tornado, NodeJS, NuxtJS

information technology consulting services
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