Fractional CTO: Exploring Their Roles in Modern Businesses

Fractional CTO

Today, you cannot imagine a business to succeed without the help of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming almost every industry. Businesses need a chief technology officer (CTO) to manage these cutting-edge technologies. These professionals develop, implement, and manage technology systems for organizations. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized […]

Software Architecture Consulting: Everything You Need to Know About it

Software Architecture Consulting

The landscape of web technology has been constantly evolving. Therefore, companies must have a robust software architecture in place.  Whether you want to create a scalable application, ensure security, or optimize performance, the base of a software system revolves around its architecture. This is where the software architecture consulting services come into play. Regardless of […]

Redis License Update: Things You Need to Know

Are you dependent on Redis for your projects? You must keep an eye on every new update that occurs in Redis. After all, staying informed helps you make the best decision.   Redis, also known as Remote Dictionary Server, is a prominent open-source, in-memory database. The database stores data as key-value pairs. Individuals use Redis as […]

Why is Low-code Platform a bad choice in Development?

Low-Code Web Development Platforms

Low-code or no-code web development is in trend. It enables users to build applications in less time with minimal or no coding. However, these quick development facilities often come with consequences. Although they limit individuals’ dependency on web developers, low-code platforms are not always a good choice. Wondering when you should avoid these platforms? Read […]

Git Branching Strategies for the Next Level Web Development

Git Branching Strategies for the Next Level Web Development

Branching strategies in Git have become crucial tools to enhance the web development experience. These approaches enable web developers to collaborate on a project while maintaining multiple versions of the primary codebase. In short, a team can work on new features independently without affecting the main codebase.  A well-constructed Git strategy improves project collaboration and […]

How Much It Costs to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How Much It Costs to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Today businesses and startups keep introducing new products to capture the market share. They take a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to launch their web applications. After all, releasing the simple version of an app lets you test it better. Nevertheless, how much does it cost to create an MVP? Numerous startups have this question […]

Why Consider Hiring a Web Development Consultant in 2024

Are you planning to establish an online presence in 2024? Great going!  Gaining success online is not a matter of chance. It requires proper strategies and implementation of relevant technologies. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, you cannot rely on conventional and fixed approaches to grow. You need a web development consultant who can guide […]

Vite 5.0: What is New in it?

On December 9, 2022, Vite 4.0 was released with numerous advancements. Within less than a year, this front-end tool has come up with its new version, i.e., Vite 5.0.  Released on November 16, 2023, Vite 5.0 is all set to take front-end development to the next level. If you are wondering what is new in […]

TeamCity vs. Jenkins An In-depth Comparison

TeamCity vs. Jenkins An In-depth Comparison

While several CI/CD tools are available, the two most preferred options are TeamCity and Jenkins. Both are powerful tools that help web developers streamline their workflow. Nevertheless, they differ in various aspects.  This blog post highlights the differences between TeamCity vs. Jenkins based on several factors. Understanding these dissimilarities will help you choose the best […]

MongoDB Sharding: Everything You Need to Know About it

MongoDB Sharding: Everything You Need to Know About it

Data sharding is the breakthrough technique of the modern data-driven era. It eliminates the limitation that a single database server can store and process only a certain amount of data.  Data sharding enables users to store the data across different database servers. Therefore, it improves response time and supports scalability.  This blog post gives you […]

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