Low-code or no-code web development is in trend. It enables users to build applications in less time with minimal or no coding. However, these quick development facilities often come with consequences.

Although they limit individuals’ dependency on web developers, low-code platforms are not always a good choice.

Wondering when you should avoid these platforms? Read this post until the end. Before we proceed further, let us learn what a low-code platform is.


What are Low-Code Web Development Platforms?

As the name suggests, a low-code platform lets people develop websites or mobile applications with minimal coding. Since it is affordable and requires limited technical knowledge, numerous people and companies prefer to use it.

Tilda, UIPath, Adalo, and Webflow are some popular low-code platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms have numerous benefits but come with some limitations.


Limitations of Low-Code/No-Cod Web Development

You Can’t make What Exactly You Desire

With most low-code or no-code platforms, you cannot build a website/mobile application that specifically meets your requirements. They can help you make a simple landing page with limited features.

However, if you want to create a complicated business application, it will be challenging to get the desired results. These platforms always come with templates that do not align with particular requirements.


Compromised Security

Another issue with low-code platforms is compromised security. Since cyber-attacks are increasing day by day, security is a primary concern in web development. No company wants a website or an app, which is at risk of cyber-attacks.

These platforms come with pre-designed templates that might have inherent weaknesses. Hackers might exploit these vulnerabilities.

When you opt for custom web development services through certified professionals, you naturally minimize security inadequacies. 

Furthermore, web developers can integrate powerful encryption and security protocols to ensure the security of your app/website.


Limited Customization

If you want to develop an application that stands out from the crowd, a low-code development service won’t be a good choice. In most cases, they have fixed templates with minimum customization options. 

You won’t be able to modify several aspects of your app. The lack of integration options might frustrate you in the long run. So if you have complex requirements, consider taking traditional software development services.


Poor Performance

Low-code/no-code web development relies on pre-built components to perform. Consequently, it might face issues like slow loading and inadequacies. These small things lead to poor user experience and bounce rate.


No Proper Control

Lack of control of the application is one of the biggest downsides of low-code platforms. Users have to adhere to the policies of the low-code development service providers. 

Sometimes, these restrictions can go against users. 

Since you do not have control and ownership over these low-code development services, you can’t do much about them if they suddenly increase service fees. Sometimes, they discontinue the features that are crucial for your business.


No Access to Codes

There are situations when you have to access the web codes of your website or application. Unfortunately, low-code platforms limit access to codes. As a result, it can be challenging to modify the application.

Even if you ever migrate your app to other no-code platforms, your existing service provider might restrict access.


Inconsistent Appearance

The aesthetics of a website or web application is quite important. It acts as a virtual storefront for businesses. Elements, grids, colors, there are numerous aspects to take care of.

With pre-build design templates, you can’t get the exact appearance you want.  


Final Words: Are Low-Code Web Development Platforms Worth it?

Undoubtedly, low-code or no-code platforms come with a lot of compelling features. They are easy to use and affordable. Nevertheless, you can’t neglect their drawbacks.

People looking for customized web solutions for their business or brand must ignore these platforms. If you are developing software or an app that requires security compliance, no-code web development options can expose you to risks. Furthermore, they don’t give you complete control over the code base.

If you think only low code development can fulfill all your business requirements, you are mistaken. Beyond the simple use case, you will need to hire developers. 

Consequently, custom web development services are always a better choice. Of course, you spend some extra dollars, but you get a feature-rich, safe, and high-performance website or application.

If you want to empower your brand and set it apart from the competition without compromising on security, choose Almas web development services. Let’s bring your vision to life with advanced web development services.



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