Winglang: A Quick Guide to its Features

As the growth of cloud infrastructure is on the rise, an advanced programming language is required to meet its requirements. Winglang is an innovative programming language designed particularly for cloud-native development.  The company claims that it is the first AI-based programming language for the cloud. It allows web developers to write codes having infrastructure and […]

Fractional CTO: Exploring Their Roles in Modern Businesses

Fractional CTO

Today, you cannot imagine a business to succeed without the help of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming almost every industry. Businesses need a chief technology officer (CTO) to manage these cutting-edge technologies. These professionals develop, implement, and manage technology systems for organizations. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized […]

Claude 3: Everything You Need to Know about it

Claude 3 Everything You Need to Know about it

AI tools and chatbots are growing in popularity worldwide. And why not? They are automating a wide range of tasks and improving productivity and efficiency.  ChatGPT, Perplexity AI, Google Gemini, and Claude are some leading market players.  In this post, we are exploring Claude 3.  Claude chatbot was first released in March 2023. Developed by […]

Why is Low-code Platform a bad choice in Development?

Low-Code Web Development Platforms

Low-code or no-code web development is in trend. It enables users to build applications in less time with minimal or no coding. However, these quick development facilities often come with consequences. Although they limit individuals’ dependency on web developers, low-code platforms are not always a good choice. Wondering when you should avoid these platforms? Read […]

Gemini 1.5: Everything You Need to Know About it


AI platforms have grown significantly in recent years. Today, every leading company has its AI technology – Microsoft, Amazon, Open AI LP, Google, you name it.  Gemini 1.5, launched by Google on February 15, is the latest version of Gemini AI introduced in December 2023. This updated edition is making a lot of buzz over […]

How Much It Costs to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How Much It Costs to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Today businesses and startups keep introducing new products to capture the market share. They take a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to launch their web applications. After all, releasing the simple version of an app lets you test it better. Nevertheless, how much does it cost to create an MVP? Numerous startups have this question […]

JSON Web Token: Everything You Need to Know about it

JSON Web Token

JSON Web Token, or JWT, has grown in popularity for transferring information safely between two parties. First launched in 2010, JWT proposed an internet standard for generating data with optional encryption or signature. The technology ensures that the shared information is digitally signed and data is verified and confidential. Do you want to learn more […]

Hashing vs. Encryption: What’s the Difference?

As data breaches and cyber-attacks are rising, protecting sensitive information is crucial. Hashing and Encryption are two renowned names when it comes to data protection tools. Although both safeguards data, they are different in various aspects.  This Hashing vs. Encryption blog makes you familiar with their main differences. Before we discuss their dissimilarities, let’s learn […]

Why Consider Hiring a Web Development Consultant in 2024

Are you planning to establish an online presence in 2024? Great going!  Gaining success online is not a matter of chance. It requires proper strategies and implementation of relevant technologies. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, you cannot rely on conventional and fixed approaches to grow. You need a web development consultant who can guide […]

Django 5.0: What is New in It?

Django is an open-source Python web framework. It makes the web development process fast and straightforward through its collection of modules.  Since its initial release in 2005, the framework has come a long way. With every new update, it is getting more and more robust.  Let’s discover what new features and updates it brings in […]

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