Hiring a full-stack web developer is a crucial decision for any web development company. The kind of candidate they choose can make or break their project’s aspiration.

Full-stack web development requires comprehensive knowledge of developing, testing and deploying web applications. Consequently, you can’t hire any random developer you find on a job portal or the web.

Companies that want to recruit a freelance full-stack web developer but don’t know how to get started must read this post.

Below, we have accumulated factors to consider when selecting a full-stack web developer.
So let’s get started.

How to choose a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer

Step 1: Define Your Project Requirements Clearly

Before you begin searching for a full-stack web developer, learn your project requirements. Define the scope of work, the end goal, and the technologies required for the same.
It will help you determine the search criteria for a suitable web developer.

Step 2: Consider the Skills of the Developer

A full-stack web developer is a versatile professional. They must be skilled in both front-end and back-end development.

Ensure the developer has the required skill set your project needs. Make a list of programming languages, software, and frameworks needed for the project. On this basis, you can decide the kind of web developer you need.

Generally, skills to look for in a full-stack web developer include:

Front-end development:

Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, the developer must have experience in front-end libraries and frameworks.

Back-end Development:

Knowledge of programming languages, including Node.js and Python is crucial. It will be advantageous if the developer is familiar with back-end frameworks such as Flask or Express.

Database Management:

Knowledge of different kinds of databases, both SQL and NoSQL, is also essential.

Step 3: Check Portfolio

Don’t forget to check the portfolio and experience of your potential web developer. A strong portfolio validates the skills and capability of a developer to work on real-world projects.

You can visit their websites to learn about past clients and projects they completed.

Though certifications alone do not confirm expertise, you can check relevant certifications to validate the developer’s skills.

Step 4: Geographical Location of Freelancer

The accessibility of the internet has removed all the limits of geographical boundaries.

In this digital era, you do not need to confine yourself to locally available talents. You can hire developers from all over the globe. Make sure the freelancer can work in the time zone you prefer.

Step 5: Set a Clear Budget and Timeline

Before you finalize a full-stack developer and sign a contract, set a clear budget and timeline for the project. It will help you manage the overall cost and period of your project.

The cost of hiring a full-stack developer depends on the experience and timeline of the project. Some freelancers charge on an hourly basis, while others have a set fee.

Discuss the budget with your freelancer by describing your project requirements. Also, ask them about the expected timeline for the project.

You can break down the timeline for your project into different stages. It will help you manage your time effectively.

Step 6: Communication Skills

You cannot deny the importance of effective communication in web development. Go for a full-stack developer having strong communication skills.

A developer has to work with a website designer, other developers, and project managers. An effective communication ensures a smooth workflow.

Developers with good communication skills can efficiently convey ideas, address concerns, and update managers about the work progress.

Team Collaboration

Step 7: Team Collaboration

The developer you choose must have the ability to work well with others. In a modern web development environment, developers, designers, and testers work together symphonically.

Step 8: Conduct Interviews

Once you have shortlisted some possible full-stack developers, conduct interviews to choose the most suitable one.

An interview will help you get more insight into whether or not a candidate is proficient in meeting project requirements.

Evaluate the technical expertise, background, and communication skills of candidates carefully.
To assess technical knowledge, you can give programming exercises.

If you do not have adequate technical experience and do not know how to check the skills of a full-stack web developer, give preference to a senior full-stack web developer with a lot of experience.

Step 9: Make Clear Contracts

Make sure billing contracts are clear to you and your freelancers. The contract clearly defines the responsibility of a freelancer and payment terms.

The payment terms must include the details of the wage structure, rate, payment schedule and more.

These are a few things to consider when hiring a full-stack web developer. Let us learn whether a freelancer or company is a good choice for you.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer: Freelancer vs. Company (Quick Comparison)

Whether to choose a freelancer or a company depends on your project requirements, budget and preferences.

When you work with a freelancer, you get the following benefits:


Most freelancers charge a lower fee than an established web development company. If you have a limited budget, choosing a freelancer is a good decision.


You have the flexibility to hire freelancers for short-term, long term or just for a specific task.

Personalized Attention

Since you will work directly with the developer, it will form a close working relationship. Therefore, the freelancer gives personalized attention to your project.

The advantages of working with a web development company are below:

More Resources

More Resources

Companies have more tools and technologies to manage your projects comparatively. An agency can employ dedicated managers on your project.


As your project grows, you will need more resources to expand your services. Companies can better handle scalability.

Delivery Time

With most companies, you can expect quick delivery of your project.


If you are a small company, hiring a freelance web developer is beneficial for you. They are not just affordable but also flexible. On the other hand, if you are a big company with unlimited tasks and a substantial budget, choose a web development company.

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